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Family Yoga Workshop




The aim of this workshop is to teach children how to reduce stress and understand how to be calm and relaxed through yoga. It can help them improve their approach to academic learning and deal with exams. Yoga can give children tools and strategies to improve concentration and focus and help them cope with anxiety and stress-related issues.

Yoga can help children to navigate relationships with their peers, teachers and other students. By teaching children to value their instinctive/emotional brain we can bring about balance and help them develop a more creative approach and improve self-confidence. The current school system is very geared towards academic (left-brained) achievement and whilst this is important for passing exams, it is no good if not supported by emotional intelligence. Through yoga we can help children become more self-aware and able to understand, value and express their feelings and empathy towards other people.

The benefits of yoga to children:

  • Yoga encourages children to enjoy moving their bodies in a non-stressful and non-competitive atmosphere.

  • Yoga helps children develop an understanding and awareness of how their bodies move and breathe. With this awareness comes positive change, both in our knowledge of ourselves and in our understanding of others.

  • The quiet, focussed, unhurried nature of Yoga practice encourages qualities that assist children in coping with their busy and sometimes stressful lives.

  • Whilst being excellent for developing body awareness and co- ordination, yoga also gives children the tools to create their own relaxation techniques.

What will the workshop be like?

· The workshop will include mobilisation, poses, partner work with their parent/carer, mindfulness, and simple breath work. Guided relaxation, using meditation and techniques appropriate to children, will be a part of the workshop.

· The workshop is appropriate for 9-14 year olds with a parent/carer who will also take part in the workshop.

· There will be 6 pairs (12 people maximum) in the studio.

· The workshop will include a handout on useful techniques for home practice and the opportunity for discussion.

Who will lead the class?

The workshop will be led by Louise Pollard who is an ex-Secondary School teacher of twenty years, a qualified Children and Teen’s Yoga teacher and a member of the British Wheel of Yoga. She holds an enhanced DBS certificate, First Aid certificate, Safeguarding certificate, is a Mental Health First Aider and is fully insured to teach Yoga to children and adults.

Here is a little more about Louise

Having practised gymnastics, played hockey, completed several marathons and triathlons but suffering from pain and fatigue as a result, I took up Yoga on the advice of a GP. I have been practising ever since. Yoga has made positive changes to my life and can enhance how we relate to and communicate with others. Having taught in a Grammar School for the past 20 years I have seen the impact that anxiety and stress has on children and recognised the way in which to use yoga and mindfulness to help the children. I enjoy teaching Yoga to children, but I also work at the other end of the age spectrum teaching Yoga to the over-60s. Yoga truly has no age restriction.

TO BOOK – download TeamUp app and find the Yoga Barn on there, then look up the 13 November and you should see the workshop.

OR go to the Yoga Barn on Facebook or their website.

I look forward to seeing you on the mat.


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