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October Newsletter

Dear yogis,

I hope that you have all made a smooth transition to autumn, it certainly seemed to change very quickly. This time of year sees us letting go of anything unwanted from over the past year as we slow down and prepare for the coming winter. It can make us feel a little imbalanced so poses have been aimed at combating this feeling to help us ground ourselves and bring back some balance. One of the best ways to do this is through using Alternate Nostril Breathing or Nadi Shodhana which can help calm both the mind and body. (see below)

Just a quick reminder that there are no classes on Thursday 6 October and all class blocks finish 21 October for 2 weeks.


I have a very big announcement to make this month...

I will be opening my first Karma Yoga Studio from 5 November with classes commencing from 7 November. The address is 44 Wolfreton Road, Anlaby, HU10 6QT. It is above the Springhead chiropody and podiatrist practice and you can park in the Springhead Pub. I hope that many of you will come to the new studio which will be a warm, welcoming, calm space for you to enjoy your practice. This move will allow me to offer more classes at times convenient for you and if you there is something that you want, or feel is missing please let me know. The grand opening is on the 5 November, 10am-2pm and I will be offering free taster classes (donations will be appreciated and will be going to the Hull Street Angels) and a chance for you to have a look around. The taster classes will be available to book through the Wix app as usual, they will be 30 mins long and all props are provided. I hope to see many of you there and please bring friends and family if they are interested or just to say hello!

Taster Classes are:

· 10am - Gentle Yoga

· 11am - Intermediate Yoga

· 12pm - Yin Yoga

· 1pm - Breathing practice and Meditation

Prices will be remaining the same (£7 per class) but I will need to take payment at the time of booking as there will only be 6/7 places per class and I will no longer be able to guarantee places without payment. Please cancel at least 24 hours before the class takes place and there will be a waiting list in place for full classes. All the classes and events will be available to book through Wix or in person as usual.

There are also 3 membership options for each half term:

Namaste - 4 classes for £26

Metta - 6 classes for £37

Shanti - 12 classes for £60

New Class Timetable from 7 November

Lunik Moon Celebrations

We had a lovely, relaxed Autumn Equinox Celebration, which involved a cacao ceremony; meditation; restorative yoga and fire ceremony. The next Lunik moon ceremony will be on the app to book shortly.

There will also be a Winter Solstice Mini Retreat on 18 December 2pm-5pm, this will be similar to the Summer Solstice, you can expect Cacao ceremony, meditation, lunch, fire ceremony, restorative yoga, yin yoga and lots of relaxation.

Reiki Appointments

To coincide with the studio opening I will also be offering Reiki appointments from November. If you are not sure what Reiki (Ray-kee) is, it is a system of natural healing using the energy systems in and around us. It is based on the teachings of Dr Usui, who came from Japan in the early 20th Century. When our energy is flowing freely around us we feel that we are balanced and have a sense of wellbeing. Often this energy gets stuck and we may feel this physically or emotionally. Reiki can help to relax us and reduce the blockage or remove it altogether. A Reiki session will involving you lying or sitting down, fully clothed and it can be hands-on or hands-off, whichever you prefer. There is no manipulation or massage involved and it will last approximately 45 minutes. Sometimes people will feel a sense of relaxation descend and others see lights; colours; feel tingling; feel heat or have an emotional response to the treatment. There are no known contra-indications for Reiki and it does not form part of any religious system. If you have any other questions or want to book a treatment please email me ( or send a message via the app.

Nadi Shodhana

Nadi Shodhana refers to “alternate nostril breathing”. In Sanskrit, ‘nadi’ = 'channel' and ‘shodhana’ = ‘cleaning or purifying’. Simply put, it refers to the cleansing of the various channels in the human body using the technique of breath awareness. Thus Nadi Shodhana Pranayama is the purification of the nerves. In this practice we breathe through one nostril at a time bringing balance to the body.

  1. Sit in a comfortable position.

  2. Place the right thumb against the right nostril, always start by breathing in through the left nostril.

  3. Place the right index and middle fingers against the forehead and the right ring finger against the left nostril.

  4. Close the left nostril with the ring finger and exhale through the right nostril.

  5. Inhale through the right nostril, close the right nostril and inhale through the left nostril.

  6. That is 1 round. Start with a minimum of 10 rounds.

  7. Sit comfortably for a few minutes after this and gradually bring yourself back into the room.

  8. Enjoy your day!

Hope to see you all on the mat soon.



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