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New Year, New Yoga, New You

Happy New Year to you all.

I hope that you all had a lovely break and that you are ready to begin this new year with optimism and positivity. My focus throughout this year will be connection - either within ourselves or to others. Many of us found during the lockdowns that we were more connected to our minds and bodies and we found that our priorities shifted as we focussed on looking after ourselves, our mental health and physical health but much of that seems to have been forgotten again as we reverted back to our busy lives.

Yoga gives us a chance to reconnect between our bodies and minds especially since the word 'yoga' translates as union. This can be achieved by being mindful when we are on our mats and even just doing simple body scans throughout the day and seeing how we feel, how we are standing; sitting; breathing etc. Yoga classes also provide us with an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends, to make connections. Why not go for a coffee or swap phone numbers with someone at your next class?


A chance to rest.

If we look outside now we can see that the natural world has gone into a deep rest at this time of year. It is still and quiet in nature. Is it in your life?

We simply don't rest enough, it is not a valued concept, we compete to see who can be the busiest and have least amount of time and consequently feel exhausted. Nature shows us that rest is one of the most productive things we can do. If we rest now, we will have energy to bloom with the spring flowers and trees. Through January all classes will finish with a longer restorative yoga pose rather than the normal savasana.

January Crystal - Selenite, this is a white or translucent crystal and it can recharge other crystals. It is one of the only crystals to not need recharging. It is a symbol for deep rest and calm and you could keep one in your pocket to remind you to stop, breathe, listen and just be.

January Flower - Snowdrop. They are said to be a symbol for purity and hope and to signify the coming spring. Despite the weather that is thrown at these delicate flowers they still manage to return year after year.

January Essential Oil - Lavender. This is best associated with relaxation and is therefore appropriate for this month's theme of rest. You can aid a little to a bath or shower or use as a spray in your bedroom. It can be used to soothe anxiety, insomnia and aid relaxation.

January Affirmation - I give myself permission to rest.


There are a few changes to the class timetable for this term. New classes include:

Yoga for Men on a Monday evening at 5.45pm.

Intermediate Vinyasa Yoga on a Tuesday night at 8.15pm.

Beginners Yoga on a Friday morning at 10.30am.

Yoga for Sport, fortnightly on a Saturday morning - stretching and strengthening the body to help with any sport with particular focus on the muscles and fascia.

All memberships will run until the end of March as the term is relatively short. Bookings as usual on the app.