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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. I'm sure many of you will be thinking about New Year and resolutions now.

In case yoga, or more me-time, meditation or learning to relax are part of your resolution, I'm sure you can find something here to help.

From 10 January classes will restart, here is a reminder of times and sneak peek of what we will be doing...

Mon, 9.30 - 10.30am - Level 1. A 5 week, small group, beginners course. Our aim will be to complete sun salutations by the end of the course and for you to begin to have an awareness of pranayama (breathwork) and asanas (poses). Lots of modifications and use of props to help you focus on what's best fro you anatomically.

Mon, 11 - 12pm - Level 2. For those who have some knowledge of yoga poses and have practiced before, if not regularly. This term we will begin a series of classes based on the Chakras and poses that will help to unblock or open these energy channels. Still with a heavy focus on your anatomy and including pranayama and meditation.

Tues, 7 - 8pm - Level 3. More challenging postures and a more dynamic flow sequence, which is new for each term. Some knowledge and previous practice would help you to make the most of these classes. Focus will also be on the Chakras for this term with Yoga Nidra or meditation to close.

Thurs, 10.30 - 12pm - Level 1/2. A range of poses with a new flow for the term will be covered in these classes. Greater focus on how your body feels in the poses and with a slightly longer time for breath work, meditation and Yoga Nidra to finish the class.

All classes are at Willerby except Tuesday night at Anlaby. The levels are a rough guide but beginners are always welcome at any class.

All classes can be booked by downloading the Fit by Wix app. Enter the code: 75U9EP

Saturday 15 January, 9.30 -11am

Family Yoga Workshop

The Yoga Barn, South Cave

Paired workshop for an adult and 9-15 year old yogi.

Specifically designed to help connect mind and body and to take part in paired poses. Journalling, Q&A session, meditation, breathing techniques are all included. Follow up email to address any other questions or requests for information.

This can be booked through the Team Up App and going to The Yoga Barn page.

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