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September Newsletter

I hope that you have all had a good summer despite the weather we had, although it looks like being a warm September. This term will see a focus on mindfulness and chakra energy depending on the classes you attend. We will still have the usual breathwork and relaxation during the classes also. New things for this term are Reiki-Yoga appointments; Yin and Meditation on a Monday night; Beginners Yoga on Wednesday morning and look out for workshops and retreat days on a Friday. I will continue to add in elements of Yoga Therapy along the way as my training continues and to help me, we have a new prop in the classroom!!


On 18 August I completed my final Reiki level and am now a Reiki Master. This means that I will be able to teach the other Reiki levels including attunements for anyone wanting to use this form of energy healing. I will shortly have the manual and paperwork ready for the Level 1 training. This level is classed as a healer level and you will be able to use Reiki on yourself and friends and family. If you are interested in training please get in touch by email.

What is Reiki?

Despite sounding like 'woo woo', reiki is actually based on quantum physics! Everything around us, including ourselves is made of energy and consequently vibrates at a certain frequency. We can raise or lower our vibration level through different methods and events. When you are nervous you can feel as though you 'have butterflies', which is your energy increasing and with it your vibration level. Sometimes you may meet somebody and either instantly feel a connection if you are both at the same vibration level or you may feel unsettled if their level clashes with yours.

Sometimes we may feel our energy gets stuck or becomes unbalanced. Often, though, we only notice this when we have a physical sign or symptom. When our energy is flowing through our bodies we could be considered to be physically at ease. When mental or physical issues impact on us, our energy flow is disrupted and we then feel dis-ease. This is where Reiki can help to bring our energy levels back into balance.

What happens during a Reiki treatment?

  • Before you arrive the room is cleansed of any negative energy.

  • You will have a brief discussion about how you feel and any specific areas that you would like to be focussed on.

  • You lie on the treatment bed, fully clothed except for shoes.

  • You may spend a few minutes breathing deeply to allow your Parasympathetic Nervous System to begin to work.

  • The treatment may be hands on or hands off, it is entirely up to you.

  • A few minutes may be spent around the head, face and neck.

  • The right side and then left side of the body will be treated and this may include the chakras as well.

  • The feet are left until the end so that a sense of being grounded is the final stage.

  • During the treatment energy will be encouraged to flow through your body and negative energy to be cleared.

What will I feel?

Every session is different and you probably won't have the same sensations each time. Clients have experienced a sense of wellbeing; relaxation; different colours; seeing animals; recollecting past memories; tingling sensations and sometimes fall asleep!

What can it help with?

Reiki has no contra-indications other than cancer that has not been treated.

It may help with migraines; insomnia; pain management; depression; anxiety and low energy. The worst that Reiki can done is make you feel relaxed and calm!

If you want to try a treatment please request an appointment.

Alternatively you can book a Reiki-Yoga Appointment, this focusses on relieving tension and pain through a mixture of breathwork and poses and then builds on this with a Reiki session.

Coherent Breathing

Just a reminder that the coherent breathing app that I have been using in classes is available free for iPhones.

Ideally you should build up to either 5:5 or 6:6 inhale:exhale ratios. This is the rate of breathing needed for GABA to be produced by your system. The length of time this should be done for is between 5-10 minutes per day.

Yoga Classes

The timetable for September - December is available to book online now, some classes are nearly full already!

The new term will begin 11 September, with a break from 21 October - 29 October, the classes restart 30 October until 12 December.

New memberships are available for the new timetable.

Classes are £8 per class

Memberships: Gold £70 for 10 classes to be used within 4 months

Silver £44 for 6 classes to be used within 4 months

Bronze £31 for 4 classes to be used within 4 months

Loyalty Programme

To thank you for your loyalty over the past 2 years I have now added a loyalty scheme.

On your app you should now see a new section which is a rewards programme. Every time you book and pay you will receive Namastes. Once you have 150 you will qualify for a free class. You will receive an email when you can redeem your points.

Happy collecting.

Upcoming Events

Wellbeing Day - a mixture of yoga and holistic treatments to help you relax and feel your best.

Menopause Workshop - yoga, breathing and relaxation techniques to help you deal with the physical and mental aspects of menopause.

Gin and Yin Classes before Christmas, getting you in the 'spirit'!

Hope to see you at the studio soon,



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