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June Newsletter

Dear Yogis,

I hope that you are all well and can feel your body relaxing as the weather gets warmer. In June we have the Summer Solstice which is 21 June and this marks the longest day, the first day of summer and the International day of yoga. It is seen as a time of transition as we feel the heat and energy from the sun and we may set new intentions for ourselves at this time. The solstice in astrological terms is when the sun's movement comes to a stop and then reverses direction, as seen from the earth. In yoga this is seen as a time to practice Sun Salutations to connect with the solar energy and to honour the sun. You could try a variation of the Sun Salutations, or set new intentions, or connect with nature more fully, possibly through grounding. Whatever you choose to do I hope that you have a happy and calm summer.





The final blocks for all classes are now available to book through the app. We will restart 13 June and they will run for 6 weeks ending 22 July. As usual the blocks will give you 6 classes for the price of 5, you can still opt to pay each week though as well.

Classes will include flows, new poses to make the most of the summer energy, and some elements of reiki and the chakras.



18 June mini retreat will mark the Summer Solstice with a cacao ceremony; heart opening poses; yin and restorative poses and relaxation and meditation. A cold buffet lunch is included in the price - £25, at Willerby Guide Hut, 11.30 -1.30pm.

2 September is a full day retreat looking at reconnecting with our inner selves and with nature. Including a cacao ceremony; fire ceremony; mindfulness; yoga flows based around nature and nuturing ourselves; yin yoga and guided meditation and pranayama. Lunch and snacks included £60pp at Raywell, 9am - 4pm.



Should you wish to practice at home I have put together some short flows that can help with breathing, mobilisation and strength. Enjoy!


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