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August Newsletter

Dear karma yogis,

I hope that you are all coping with the heat during the summer months, a yoga breathing technique to help keep you cool is called sitali. This involves you imagining you have a straw in your mouth and inhaling through your mouth so that it cools you down from the inside. Have a drink of water with you as initially it can dry your mouth out. With practice it stops having this impact though. You then just exhale as normal through your nose. Have a go at 10 rounds of breath and see the impact this can have.


Raywell Retreat

In just over 3 weeks I will be holding the Raywell retreat, where we will be enjoying various yoga poses and relaxation to ready us for the next change of season and to reset our bodies and minds in nature.

It is Friday 2 September, 9.30 - 3pm. Lunch and snacks are included.

There are 4 spaces remaining.

Booking is via the wix app.


Menopause Yoga Workshops

It has been a very busy July for me as I had my Menopause Yoga teacher training course over the whole month, it was incredibly informative and I can't wait to share the workshops with you. They are different to normal yoga retreats and classes as the aim is to provide women with the tools to take this home and use it there. It isn't a weekly class and the theme of each workshop will be based around some of the most common symptoms.

The first workshop will be Saturday 24 September, 10am - 1pm. There will only be 4 spaces in each workshop and these can be booked as a group or individually through the wix app as usual. The theme of the first one is rest and reflect and it will be looking at hot flushes and anxiety as symptoms.


The Cat Shed Yoga Studio

I am very excited to share this last piece of news with you!!!

During July I have had a mini yoga studio built in the garden where I will be holding the menopause workshops, private lessons, small group classes and at a later date Reiki treatments.


Class Timetable

Classes will restart from Monday 12 September for 6 weeks until Friday 21 October. The following block will run Monday 7 November for 6 weeks until Friday 16 December.

They will be available to book through the app again shortly. The pricing will remain the same, £35 for 6 weeks, or £7 per class.

Mon 9.15am - 10.15am Yoga, Willerby

Mon 10.30am - 11.30am Gentle Yoga, Willerby

Mon 7.30pm -8.15pm PureGym Members Only

Tues 7.15pm - 8.15pm Intermediate Yoga, Willerby

Thurs 10am - 11am Gentle Yoga, Swanland

Thurs 6.30pm - 7.30pm Intermediate Yoga, Swanland

Friday 6.20pm - 7.05pm David Lloyd Members Only

Please book via the wix app or contact me for more information -

I hope to see you on the mat,



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